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SOLMAX is a brand of premium quality lubricants made in Malaysia by our reputable company. We strive to offer the best value for every lubricant type we produce and this focus on quality is what is the most important for our customers everywhere.

Our initial products were lubricants for metal working which we began supplying to customers in 2008. Our range of metal working lubricants is unique in that they are formulated with esters and other palm oil products. It consist of aerosol rust penetrant or anti rust, metal working fluid and threading oil, both in conventional as well as environment-friendly and biodegradable formulations. Yet today we still offer high quality of these kind of products as well for our customer requirement when there is needed.

In 2012, we began offering to the market range of new viscosity index improver (VII) as it is a high premium quality in term of quality, stability,color and performance to our customer. Yet today we still offer the purchase of our VII when there is customer requirement as well. Moving ahead in early 2015, we began offering our lubricant to our customer/clients with a range of high quality automotive lubricant either in gasoline or heavy duty diesel engine oil. Other than this, SOLMAX branded lubricant also gives value to customer in the motorcycle, marine, automotive transmission & brakes fluid, industrial hydraulic & gears oil and commercial lubricant as well. SOLMAX also provide the OEM services as well for our customer requirement with the cost-saving plan and with the quality assurance as per specification.


To achieve market leadership by innovation, high quality and excellent services for our customers. Most importantly SOLMAX do not contain recycled oil, low quality base oil or any bad additives to ensure the quality given the values to customer is the best at competitive prices.


With our quality commitment and value proposition, SOLMAX brand should continue as a household name where users can count on for protection and performance of their engines and equipment.