SOLMAX is a brand of high quality lubricant products made by SOLUTION BIOGEN SDN BHD(SOLUTION), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solution Engineering Holdings Berhad, an ACE Market listed company in Bursa Malaysia Securities. SOLUTION began formulating biodegradable lubricants in 2007. Our initial range of industrial lubricants in 2008 consist of aerosol rust penetrant or anti-rust, metal working fluids and threading oil, both in conventional as well as environment-friendly and biodegradable formulations.

In 2012, we began offering to the market a range of new viscosity index improvers (VII). The available variants include SSI (Shear Stability Index) 28 and 35, either in Group I or II base oils. All grades come with 1,300 cSt viscosity guarantee. These high quality, locally produced OCP (Olefinic Copolymer) VIIs can rival their closest international competitors in term of quality, stability, color, and performance, yet at much more cost saving to its blending customers. We are able to offer the real cost saving due to our position as the sole importer of the OCP made by Sumitomo. For the past years we are the only Malaysian importer of the grade ESPRENE SPO V0132 from Sumitomo and we guarantee that we use only OCP from Sumitomo for making our VIIs. This assurance is what separate us from the inferior VIIs made by several other Malaysian blenders.

Moving ahead, in early 2015, we began offering to its lubricant customers/clients, a range of high quality finished automotive lubricants. This SOLMAX branded lubricants gives value to customers in the the automotive, commercial, transmission & gears, marine, motorcycle, industrial hydraulic & gears. For example, incorporating the home-made premium VIIs, SOLMAX‘s automotive & commercial engine oils are ones of the best-performing in the market. As you can see, our commitment in quality goes across the board and that include the type of premium base oils that we use, and the type of quality DI package that we use as well. We know that by dosing our lubes with quality VIIs and quality DI packages can we really assures that our customers will stay with us. Our customer’s business depends on the performances of the engines and machines that our oils protects. If we fail, you will fail…this is why we can’t fail you.

Quality & Value Policy

With our quality commitment and value proposition, Solution shall continue to make SOLMAX brand a household name where users can count on for protection and performance of their engines and equipments. SOLMAX do not contain recycled oil, low quality base oils, nor stinged on the additives. It strives to serve customers and clients with value products at competitive prices.



This is our lubricants category for passenger cars and small commercial vehicles running on gasoline or diesel or gas hybrids. They are formulated with quality base oils, dosed with premium VIIs and the latest technology imported quality DI packages so that the performance of your vehicles’ engines are enhanced, power delivery is improved, and durability is assured. As a general rule of thumb, we advice users of our passenger cars engine oils to not exceed 5,000 KM for mineral formulations, not to exceed 7,000 KM for semi-synthetics, and not to exceed 10,000 KG for fully-synthetics. We also offer long drain interval formulations for these engine types.



Our heavy duty diesel engine oil is formulated with the high quality of base oil, high premium quality of VII and latest technology imported addictive package to ensure high performance and trustworthy protection of engine oil. As a general rule of thumb, we advice our use of heavy duty engine oil not more than 5000km for mineral formulation, 7000km for the semi-synthetic formulation and 10,000km for the fully-synthetic formulation. This is for 5 litre bottle in general rule.



Our marine oil consist of 2T outboard and 4T(4 stroke) gasoline and diesel engine oil too. It is suitable for all water-cooled 2-stroke outboard motors and have a excellent corrosion protection and reduce spark plug fouling. Beside this, it have the benefit of increase fuel economy, easily miscible with fuels and excellent engine protection too.



Our motorcycle oil also consist of 2T (2 stroke) and 4T (4 stroke) engine oil. It is suitable for all 2-stroke air&water-cooled street & off road motorcycle engines and of course for all the 4-Stroke Street &Off road motorcycle engines too.The lubricant oil can increase the fuel economy and provide longer engine life with the premium quality of our oil.